5 Practical Tech Tricks You’ll Use Again and Again

1- Reopen a closed browser tab
It is a regular occurrence. You accidentally close one of the dozen tabs that are open in your browser. You can accomplish this with a few keystrokes, or you can view the history of your browser and reopen the tab from there.

Press Ctrl + Shift + T on a PC or Command + Shift + T on a Mac to force the recently closed tab to reopen automatically.

2- At a specific moment, share a YouTube video.
You can obtain a link that sends people straight to a specific instant in a YouTube video if you find anything there that you want to share at that precise time. The Share button is located beneath the video. See whether there’s a checkbox next to the link. The time that you have the movie stopped at will be automatically shown.

You are free to continue at this time or select a new one. Copy the link, then send it to a friend via email or post it on your favorite social networking platform. The YouTube video will automatically jump to the moment you select when someone clicks on the link.

3- Use “Site:” search to locate stuff like a pro.
Millions of results can be found with a Google search. Use Google’s Site: function to search just one website to drastically reduce that. Launch Google in your browser, then enter “site:” followed by the URL of the desired search result. similar to this: “site:komando.com,” but without the quote marks.

4- Use Disney Plus to download movies
The policies for downloading video content and viewing it offline vary depending on the streaming provider. Until 2016, Netflix was a significant holdout. However, Disney Plus immediately approved this choice. At the bottom of the menu is the download icon. You can also download as many titles as your hard drive will allow by using the Disney Plus app.

5- Look up chats on WhatsApp
Messages mount up, regardless of the platform you use. We’re searching for that one perfect street address or amusing quotation, but it’s buried in a confusing sea. Though many users are unaware that you can search your messages on WhatsApp, exactly like on Google, this program may be the most downloaded of the past ten years.

There is a search bar on iOS versions and a search icon on Android versions. In either case, identify words specific to a particular dialogue in order to focus on the precise message you want to convey.

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