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Grammy Award, any of a series of awards presented annually in the United States by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS ; usually titled the Recording Academy) or the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (LARAS ; mainly titled the Latin Recording Academy) to peer accomplishment in the music industry. Winners are choosen from over 25 fields, that cover such genres as pop, rock, rap, R&B, nation, reggae, classical, gospel, and jazz, along with fabrication and postproduction work, containing packaging and album notes. Four general awards are given for record, album, song of the year, and best new artist ; in complete over 75 awards are presented. The honorees get a golden statuette of a gramophone.

To be qualified for a Grammy from NARAS, the recording or music video need to be launched in the United States between oct 1 of the former year and midnight September 30 of the given Grammy year . submissions are filed by anecdote industries along with subscribers of the academy and are reviewed to choose eligibility and type placement . The voting subscribers of NARAS, over a series of ballots, choose five nominees for each grant and ultimately the victor ; the voters cast ballots only in their areas of interest of knowledge . The winners are declared in the course of a televised ceremony.

The Grammy Awards were 1st presented by NARAS in Los Angeles in 1959, when 28 prizes were given . Winners provided Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and the Kingston Trio. the amount of awards has enhanced as musical genres have emerged . Rock was 1st recognized as a genre by the academy at the 1980 ceremony and rap at the 1989 presentation . An grant for optimum music video was 1st handed out in 1982 to acknowledge the developing impact of the medium . In 2011 NARAS radically restructured the Grammy kind treat and reduced the complete number of awards from 109 to 78. Gender-based categories were eliminated, as were those that differentiated between solo and group attempts . Awards recognizing genres as an example Hawaiian music, Native American music, and zydeco were folded into a single kind, dubbed “regional roots music, ” and instrumental categories were drastically scaled back . in addition to adjustments were made in consequent decades, and by 2017 the amount of awards stabilized at 84.

With the emergence of Latin music, NARAS built LARAS in 1997 . To be qualified for a Latin Grammy, a recording may be launched anywhere in the universe, but it need to be recorded in the spanish language or Portuguese verbal communication between July 1 of the former year and June 30 of the grant year . The 1st Latin Grammy Awards ceremony was staged in Los Angeles in 2000, with Carlos Santana and Shakira amongst the winners .

Receipt of a Grammy of any sort normally outcomes in better anecdote sales, along with doubled recognition to the artists . amongst those who have acquired the most Grammys are Beyoncé (32 awards), Sir Georg Solti, Quincy Jones, Alison Krauss, Stevie Wonder, and Chet Atkins.

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